Can you imagine about one assistant which can do almost everything for you on your command? Yes technology is going to give you that kind of support, Google Home is your dream device. This is a advance device designed and manufactured by Google. Google home gives you an easy and hand’s free control for your home related tasks. It can help you to dim the lighting of your house and play soothing music to keep you relaxed.

This device is lass with many services, both in-house and third party services. With this device one can get integrated support for so many tasks; like listening music of his or her choice, play back of images and videos or getting the latest news in no time. All these command are voice enabled and can be distinguish for different users. This device also comes with home automation system which pre built in this device. A user can control smart home appliances with just voice commands.

This device is so advanced; it can distinguish between six different users and execute their command with ease. In latest version of device “feature of hands free phone calling” is also available. This device is able help you to schedule your events, can response on visuals over the mobile phones or Chromecast supported TV. It has a great ability stream the audio generated by Bluetooth and it can help you to keep you updated with all your calendar appointments

As we know Google Home is a smart speaker product which was launched in May 2016 and in year 2017 it was launched globally. This advanced device works on the voice command of the user and creates user interaction with inbuilt software Google personal assistant which is called as “Google Assistant”.

Design of Google Home Speakers

This device comes in the size of normal air-freshener and can blend in to the any part of your house. This device is so command friendly for example if you want to know about the weather you just need ask, Hey Google !how is the weather today? And magically you will get the accurate report for the current weather. In addition to above features this device is having some extra-ordinary features like flight info, joke (just to make you laugh)or any recipe. To enhance the device application Google is keep updating the software of this device. Earlier it was giving only one user access but now till six users can access the device with their commands.

This beautiful creation from Google is designed initially with cylindrical shape and it contain status update LED’s. Google has placed these LED's on the top of the device which can give a clear view of status to the user. Base of the Google Home is modular in shape which enhances the looks of this device. Mostly this device comes with pestle shades as Google designed this device to blend it with environment. In late 2017, Google has added two more version of Google Home as a product line, Google Home Mini and Google Home Max.

Though there is no comparison for this device but Amazon Echo is the only device which can be compared in terms of features with Google Home. The advantage for this Google home is the search engine as Amazon Echo provides Bing as a search engine, which is not that popular as Google.

Google Home, also provide smart home connectivity for example controlling the light of your house, creating multi-room audio or Television control. In added advantage it also provides control of smart switches and plugs. This device is having superior voice quality as compared any other home assistant device.

How flexible is your Google Home?

Before thinking to get this device for your smart home setup, you need to understand the overall flexibility of this device. As we know most of the devices work flawlessly and Chrome-cast is been used for voice activated control. One can use Google account to work with Google Home. Earlier for iOS user it was not that easy access this device but thanks to Google for providing dedicated apps for iOS users. This step made Google Home more popular as a home assistant across the globe.

How to you use Google Home in your smart home?

Though Google Home was advertised and promoted as entertainment device and it was emphasizing on music and video streaming. Meanwhile we can check the smart setting with thermostats, smart lighting system and other smart devices.

Compatibility with thermostats

Google Home is having great compatibility with leading and smart thermostat devices like “Nest “and “Eco bee”. These devices are very sleek in design and create an enhancement with your existing decor. As of now Nest is fully compatible with Google Home but at the same time “Eco Bee” is not directly compatible with the same. To enhance the smart home devices in your home you can also use “Smart Things” hub and you can connect all your smart devices. You can also use IFTTT software to connect all your smart devices with Google Home.

How is the connectivity of Google Home with Smart Lights?

In series of smart light Philips Hue is the leading name and it comes with a kit. This kit a perfect choice for effective and smart lighting solution. You can get this kit and just configure with your Google Home.

So if you want to create a smart home which can work on your voice commands then you can get help from Google Home and you can experience the difference of living in a future ready home. For info call us on - or use live chat option to explore more about the device. You can ask any question related to Google Home set up or multi device connectivity.

As a leader in technology, Google has always been an organization that revolutionize the everyday tasks we perform and with its recent efforts to develop a ‘Jarvis’ like AI, Google Home has been introduced as the latest instalment in providing a solution for needs of living in a smart home. Introduced in 3 variants that are more powerful than ever, Google Home Mini priced at $30, Google Home $130 and Google Home max which costs $400 are all packed with powerful features which will let you perform the everyday task with more ease than ever. These devices will give you a power to:

  • Let every Google Home device broadcast messages:

    With multiple Google Home devices placed in the multiple places of your house, you can choose to let each of them simultaneously broadcast a message you want everyone to know. Just saying the words: “OK Google, Broadcast that it’s dinner time” will let every device in your home ring a delightful bell informing everyone with  Google Home device in their room to know it’s dinner time. You can also choose to play custom messages or choose from a plethora of predefined messages.

  • Have full control of your smart home:

    Owning a Google Home device will let you take full control of your smart home. At this point in time, more than 1000 devices in the product catalogue of a number of companies are compatible with Google Home and give full control to Google Home to control them.

  • Let your Device tell you the agenda of the day as you wake up:

    As you wake up, there is nothing better than when someone reads to you, news, and your agenda, lets you in on the weather and overall just tells you how the day is going to go. Google Home device can do just that and saying the words “OK Google, Good Morning” will tell you all you need to know about the new day.

  • Let it remember things:

    Your forgetful nature is helpful to none, so let Google help you on that. Whatever new information you want Google Home device to retain, it can do just that by telling it: “OK Google, remember *Then insert what you want it to remember*”. Makes life so much easy.

  • Locate your phone:

    You phone, which keeps losing itself in the within the confines of your own home, can be found easily on the Google Home device. To find your mobile phone, say “OK Google, Find my phone”. Google Home device will ring your device to let you easily locate it.

  • Take a central role letting the family have fun:

    Another important feature that Google Home Device does is, it brings the family closer. It is home to some of the most interactive and fun family activities and you have from over 50 activities to choose from to perform with your family which are informative and fun at the same time. From the classic Musical chairs to playing a Trivia, Google Home does it all for you.

Thus, apart from providing you full control of your smart home, Google home devices strive to make our lives simpler by cutting out time that we waste doing obsolete tasks and spend more time with things that matter.

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